My diversified multifaceted background includes:

  American Council On Exercise (NCCA),  In order to maintain my certifications am required to take continuing education courses each year (C.E.s).   This helps me stay abreast of the most effective methods available to design a safe effective exercise program in the field of exercise for my clients. I am a certified Personal Trainer American Council on Exercise (NCCA.)Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Functional Movement Systems,  Be Fit Group Instructor,  High Intensity Kettlebell Fitness (HIKF-C) and Hard Style Kettlebell (HK-C). To obtain the last two certifications I had to perform the required kettlebell exercises with perfect form and my breathing pattern had to match the exercise.  The principles of kettlebell lifting means you are stable first, mobile and move well with a weight (load), speed and conditioning third and movement under tension controlled by your breath fourth. It is a school of strength teaching your the correct movement patterns. 

I have over ten years experience using kettlebells and instruct a Strength Conditioning class with kettlebells as the primary tool used. I attended Pavel Tsatsouline, Chief Instructor Kettlebell Challenge twice and Hard Style Kettlebell certification once. I assisted level 1 and 2 workshops and completed an

Functional Movement Systems (FMS-C): Functional Movement Screening, Y-Balance Screening and Functional Capacity Screening.  I took a live course requiring me to demonstrate I could successfully administer the Functional Movement Systems screening tests.  Plus, I was required to pass written exam.   Each one of the tests comes with a print out and recommended corrective exercises which gives you a baseline to work with.     

 I am an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist receiving referrals from health care providers for clients to correctly perform exercises prescribed, a Be Fit Group Instructor, Mindful Movements Flow Instructor, on Autoimmune local referral list and Medical Fitness Directory  type into search engine zip code 98801 & cleack the search button for Leanne Wylet Kettlebell Lady's page to come up   Lu I am a certified: Copy Writer/Marketing Consultant, Breakthrough Mastery (learn how to manifest what we want). 

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  I use a progressive corrective strategies program with these four quadrants of control: Movement, Posture, Power and Impact exercises to teach the efficiency of movement matched to your breathe.  It's very important to breathe correctly otherwise the movement pattern attached to it is broken increasing the risk of dysfunction and injury. 

To increase you success with getting more fit, tone up, stronger, recovery from injury and stay active I teach our how to a variety of body weight exercises such as Pilates, besides kettlebell use dumbbells, resistance bands, Indian Clubs, Quigong, Tai Chi (exercise form), jump rope, flipping 175 pound tractor tire, exercise balls, Suspension Systems X-T, battling rope and what is available in the environment.    .

Working knowledge of physical therapy and massage therapy of trigger points and myofascial release off form rolls and various size balls. I am trained in using a combination of static, dynamic, isometric and proprioceptive nueromuscilar facilitation (PNF) stretches and some Yoga poses and Pilates exercises.  Accreditation   

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Move well, move often, get fit, live!.