Consultation Services

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· Over 26 years of grassroots consultations related to health & FITNESS.

· Consumer Education & their management

· Conflict resolution management, troubleshooting & analysis

· Technical & creative writing, design & implement training programs

· Public Speaking

· Customized presentations

I believe in giving each person the tools so they can Achieve the Power of Strength by Exploring & Belienving In Yourself. What are your manifesting to reach your fitness goals?   to  To discover how you can get started with a Free consultation by clicking my contact information. consultation services consultant


Consultation Recommendation:

Dr. Hoey, "It is my pleasure to introduce you to Leanne. Wylet. Leanne Wylet has been a staunch advocate for alternative & holistic medicine. She created & headed Patients for Alternative Medicine as an advocacy group to support Naturopathic Physicians (WANP) for the state of Washington. She Coordinated her efforts with the Washington State Naturopathic Physicians to what bring about changes to Washington state law. Without efforts like hers the growth of Naturopathic medicine would have been greatly hampered. She is passionate, creative, organized, & dedicated to improving the lives of her clients doing it with humor & style. I hope you will give her an opportunity to present her world to you. You will be pleased you did. consultation services consultant

To get started please use the contact form. consultation services consultant