Breathing hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Breathing  strategies help focus  on the efficiency of movement & our posture alignment. When we do not breathe correctly through our nose & deep into our diaphragm & back muscles movement pattern associated with Squatting, hip hinging, lunging,  pushing, pulling, carrying objects is broken. 

The respiratory system needs to be trained correctly just like other parts of the body. When I instruct my clients I tell them not to hold their breath but, to breath through their nose with a smooth rhythm.  When we do not breath correctly our blood is not oxygenated efficiency to reduce stress, slows heart rate, & improves tissue, brain & organ function.  There is a variety of reasons our breathing pattern is interrupted such as injury, respiratory condition and/or lack of training such as chest breathing.  

The Kettlebell Lady is excited to now have a source of high quality hyperbaric chambers available quality, safe portable chambers to athletes, health care professionals, wellness centers & families. i have received benefits & so of those I have referred locally. The chambers are made in the USA. Picture on right is health CELL. Next page shows healthy cell.

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