Magic of Kettlebells

What is a kettlebell?

What is a kettlebell?  A “kettlebell” is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannon with a handle. The ultimate tool for all-around extreme fitness.  “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell exercises,”  reported Russian magazine Hercules1993. “Kettlebells are like lifting times ten. . .if I could have met Pavel in the early 80s, I might have won two gold metals, I'm serious,” Dr. Kaslowke, DR, RKC'
 The kettlebell is the ultimate in conditioning the body for extremedeceleration such as stops and directions on a football or soccer field. If you are not condition to handle these forces, you will perform par and run the risk of injury. Traditional strength, even the Olympic “quick lifts” does not address this issue because the weight is dropped or at a slow negative.  The dynamic loading set-up the hip muscles for a powerful contraction. Kettlebells are the definitive toolfor developing the hip thrust, the power generator of all athletes.    
 The kettlebell makes your back resilient, conditioning it from every conceivable angle, statically and dynamically.  Kettlebells off set center of gravity maximizes shoulder strength, flexibility and health. (Most who use kettlebells have never heard of rotator cuff injuries.)  The kettlebell's center of gravity lies 6 to 8 inches outside of your grip; this replicates the forces encountered in sports and daily activities. The benefit of training with kettlebells will help train this aspects of sports performance.   
 The kettlebell is an outstanding grip, wrist and forearm developer.  The kettlebell had a thicker handle than barebells and dumbells and the kettlebell has an off set handle working against gravity and is usually in motion.  This helps your grip training because there is a combination of dynamic and static muscular contractions in an attempt to control the fluctuating center of mass.  The position of the handle allows for dynamic passing of the kettlebell from hand to handand infinite freedom of lifting for a greater variety of juggling type exercises.  These drills develop dynamic strength and injury proof the body in many plans unlike linear exercises.   
 Train movement patterns- Restore balance, timing and power for achievement. This sums up the advantage of training with kettlebells. Kettlebell training improves the cardio-respiratory fitness.  Since many kettlebell exercises occur with your arms in the overhead position the muscles responsible for assisting the breathing process are engaged in muscular activity not allowing them to help with the respiratory process.  This forces the muscles responsible for breathing to playing even greater role in cardio-vascular health.   
 Kettlebell training develops the ability to produce movement over a period of time called power-endurancewith the clean, snatch, jurk and push-press.  This differs from strength-endurance Which required producing fast muscle contractions over a period of time. The power-endurance component is often what produces a winner in a sport, increases fat loss and bridges the gap between strength training and cardio.   
 Kettlebell training allows you to reduce your overall timewhich gives you the opportunity to work in other aspects such as strategies, skills and recovery.  The kettlebell Lady Leanne used the extra time to help recover and rebuild her body from a seat belt injury that had left her disabled.   
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