"Leanne is the most patient person I know. She works well with people who are nervous about their body. Because of a back condition no one wanted to work with me and I never thought I'd be able to do physical activities again. She is very knowledgeable about the body and the effects of what is going on with movement pattern training. She is very easy to work with and always a joy to be around. My body is now strong, I've lost weight and it is easier to work with my back pain." -- Edwin H.-- .

I had the privilege of working with Leanne after meeting her at the Chelan county Wellness Fair. She was demonstrating kettleblls. & talked to her regarding shoulder issues I had been working on resolving.  The Chelan County Wellness Committee provided a place in the Commissioners office  to offer a strength conditioning kettlebell class for 4 weeks. Part of the instruction from Leanne included a Functional Movement Screen which pin pointed areas that needed correction for daily life.  Through her instructions was able to strengthen my core & correct my posture issues.   I was given remedial exercises  that enable me to straighten up my posture, I have continue using what I learned long after the class. She is very patient to make sure the exercises are done correctly to insure progress.  She combines her program with other health care providers to optimize you achieving your fitness goals.  I would recommend Leanne to those who are in need help with their movement constraints.  Kim J


I had the pleasure of working with Leanne Wylet, The Kettlebell Lady & learned a lot about exercising the accurate way and walking with correct posture. 

Leanne was informative & cautious addressing each of our needs in the Chelen County employees group exercise class. She took the time to explain the "whys" about what we would be doing & taught us how the fundamentals of kettlebell basics. She was vigilant regarding our welfare from the time class started until it was over. 

Leanne  took the time, well in advance to evaluate each of us,  before working with kettlebells.  I can't express enough the concern showed by Leanne when instructing everyone about working with kettlebells.        Simona B (On left)


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