Leanne knows her stuff and is comfortable teaching with the difference working with kettlebells made in her life. She is both knowledgeable and inspiring while being careful and prudent in instructing correct form. Keep up the good work Leanne. You are awesome! personal trainer

I am always excited about our stretching time. 

Leanne is great to work with and has so much knowledge. 

What a carying person she is. Her teaching manner is so patient amd she cares deeply about helping people with their goals.

She is an excellent teacher! fitness exercise personal trainer


Odd feeling, being 80, younger folk raise their voices when speaking with me; little do they know I can hear a mosquito buzzing on Mt Rainier here in Wenatchee. My other senses are fine as well. But I’m quick to forgive the young ones for misunderstanding. I didn’t ‘walk like a duck’ willingly, and the harder I tried to keep up with my younger friends the more depressed I became. Panic set in: would I become an invalid? Then I met Leanne whose vast knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and pain management offered me new hope. She performed functional movement tests on me and designed an exercise program that I did at home. I joined her orthopedic exercise group and have slowly restored natural posture and stride. At Leanne’s recommendation, I had several deep tissue massages by Cary W. LMT. This twosome is inspirational in the healing and wellness field."

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