Skills functional movement screening

Functional Movement Systems Screening (FMS) certified. In order to obtain this certification I was required to attend two day training demonstrating proficiency in testing movement patterns and identifying muscle imbalances. I was also required to pass a rigorous exam. In conjunction with the FMS I am certified to administer the Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS).   I have extensive in depth study and hands on experience with clients. This started before I attended the FMS certification course. The studies were from various DVDS, Athletic Body & Balance & Movement by Gray Cook, MSPT, CSCS, OCS, Dr. Lee Burton, Dr. Kilet Kieset, Dr. Greg Rose & Miles Bryant, Advanced Exercise Manual & Movement Screening Manual. 

I have taken over 10 years of CE courses related to movement in order to pass my Orthopedic Exercise Specialist certification. I am also a Hard Style & High Intensity Kettlebell Instructor Certified. The fundamentals of kettlebell training is all about learning how to moving weight under tension controlled by your breathe. ay something interesting about your business here.

Why Functional Movement Screening (FMS)?

The American Council of Exercise (ACE) recommends standard screening assessment in order to establish a base line for three or more risk factors necessitating a referral.

The Tests are:

  • Cardio Vascular- The ability of the heart &      lungs to deliver oxygen to working muscles.
  • Muscular Strength – The ability of a muscle to      move a weight 1 time with perfect form (! ROM).
  • Muscular Endurance–The ability of a muscle to move weight multiple      times with perfect form (Repetitions).
  • Flexibility -- The ability of the body to move a muscle through a      full range of motion (ROM).
  • Body Composition – The ratio of fat mass to lean mass.t's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.

(See FMS p2)